Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Technology is just amazing!

This past weekend, Josh's sister Rebekah got married. Her and her fiance Mike were planning on getting married in February, but moved the date up due to some exciting baby news!! So, they got married this past weekend, and we sadly just couldn't get to New Orleans with it being so close to my due date.

Josh and his dad had the best idea for us to watch the small, intimate ceremony, that was being held at the Crosby's house, through skype over the internet. I had heard of skyping, and knew what it was, but never really experienced it.

It was the coolest thing ever to get to feel like we were there...as we watched over the internet, and they got to see us...watching in our pj's on a lazy Saturday morning. ha ha. :)

Here is a pic of the happy newlyweds that Josh's dad took...with the computer of us watching on the other end....cool huh?
Congrats Aunt Beebee and Mike! We are sad we couldn't be there, but know we truly did feel close as we watched it all unfold. We also can't wait for another Crosby baby for our lil one to have as a cousin who will be close in age!! :)

Quick Pregnancy Update: At 36 week check-up this week, I was at a 3, 75% effaced. Trying not to get too hyped up...knowing i still have 4 long weeks ahead, and this baby could just stay put the entire time. :)

Until then, just want to get through Jackson's birthday party this week...then i think i'll feel ready...bring it on!
Until next time!


angie said...

A 3!!!! Yipee!!! That is so cool that you could see the ceremony. Technology is a-ma-zing.

Nicole Fields said...

Wow...you are getting so close to having your little nugget!!! Can't wait!!!

Rebekah said...