Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Baylor Homecoming fun!

I love Baylor homecoming! All kinds of fun stuff jam packed into one weekend, and so many old faces come back to good ole Waco to participate in the fun!

Josh and i started off the fun filled weekend with Pigskin, and it was such a blast! KOT had a fantastic act, as usual! But, Josh and I felt all young and fun again being there that night. It was club night, so we had a good time watching the students coming in and out of Waco Hall in their costumes...brought back lots of memories. :)

Then, Saturday morning was the parade - which is always a fun thing. I ran into so many fun friends!! Here are a few pics that captured the fun at the parade:

Sweet college friends i still keep up with regularly, Erin, Shannon & Jaime

Some of my all time favorite girls from good ole kanakuk and baylor days:
Ellie, Lacey (with baby Caroline) & Kristi

Our sweet Nashville youth girls that go to baylor now -
i heart them so! Katy & Hannah-cakes!

Josh and Jackson couldn't make the parade due to soccer Saturday morning. So Bennett was my parade buddy. He blessed me so much that morning...just sat in his stroller and let me cart him around. I really think he just loved all the people and things to look at, that helped. :)

Later that day was the football game. What a great game it was...well besides the pouring down rain and hour and a half delay...but before the downpour, got to hug the necks of two of my besties from baylor...and former roomies. Ahh, the memories of living in 3D of The Center baby!!! :)

Mel, Rachie & me...they were cheerleaders are Baylor and practicing
their stunting so they could cheer with alumni during the 3rd quarter.
I am so amazed at what these girls can still do - after 2 babies each!!

Overall it was a super fun, albeit, tiring weekend. This year, I was really feeling grateful and excited to live in Waco, for fun Baylor things like this. Looking forward to next year already!

More soon!


Crystal said...

How fun!

Rebekah Crosby Deris said...

Oh, Baylor! We are so old. But you still look d*!n good. :) xoxo

angie said...

So fun!! I love that you live in Waco too :)

Melissa Darby said...

Sal, I LOVE the new blog update. It looks sooo good! Yay for a fun weekend, just wish I had more time with you!