Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Twenty Ten

So our halloween 2010 was fun and low key, just the way we like it. :)

Here are the boys in their costumes this year.

Jackson and Brodie driving around like crazy characters!

Jackson REALLY wanted to be Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers this year, which is the green dinosaur. He has recently become fond of the Super Mario Brothers characters since playing Mario Kart on Uncle Ben and Uncle Mike's wii.

Well, mommy was a tad late in ordering the costumes, and I couldn't find it anywhere!!! So his second choice was Guigi (aka, Luigi.) ha ha...he kept calling it Guu-eeegee!!

And sweet Bennett Bug...well, he had no choice. He was the dragon i found last November on clearance for $2.75!!! I didn't even know if I was having a boy or a girl, but that babe was gonna be this dragon! :)

And here he is with his lil playgroup friends - all around the same age. how classic are these? :)
(*Thanks to many playgroup mommies for sharing the pics
they took with their good cameras!)

Here is our one and only pumpkin we carved...and stinker Jackson wouldn't even take a picture with it, so here I am with the jack-o-latern Josh worked so hard on. :) Somebody had to show some love...

So glad it's finally feeling like fall around here!

More soon!


Crystal said...

Ur blog is just too cute! Beautiful family! :)

Ryan, Kristi and Pierson said...

How cute are they!

Meg said...

awww sally!! lovin' your little luigi and dragon!! also lovin' the playgroup babes and seeing my little culley-bug on your blog!! hope we get to catch up soon--XoXo