Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No, he is NOT 10 months already!!!!!!

Yes, my Bennett is 10 months!!!

and i just can't believe it. i truly feel like time has flown by!

we had our 9 month check (closer to 10 months,) and boy is a-growin!
He was 30 inches long & weighed 25 lbs - think he's gonna be a linebacker!!!

things Bennett currently loves to do:

  • take a bath
  • get pushed around in his cozy coupe car
  • ride with jackson in his jeep
  • eat (boy practically skipped over spoon fed food...) he especially loves red grapes, mandarin oranges, peas and wagon wheels...just to name a few
  • doing ANYTHING with his big brother :)
  • being outside
  • playing peek a boo & chase
  • flush toilets
  • close doors
  • climb up and play in the dishwasher

things Bennett currently does not love:

  • get diaper changed
  • get dressed (seriously, like wrestling a greased pig!)
  • have his nose wiped
  • getting into his car seat
  • to sit still :) or be left alone in a room
  • when his bottles aren't warm
Bennett also loves to come home from MDO with his "artwork."
oh yes, they actually have these little crafts that they do with in the baby room. it's so cute. here is Bennett with his bird feeder he "made." :)

And here is a picture he "colored." Look very closely....see the 2 orange flecks?? yep, i have a mini picasso!!!

And last but not least, one day last week i totally risked it and took them both to HEB and let's just say...this picture says it all.
Bennett's face is like...i've had enough!
ha ha. fun times!

More soon!


Katy said...

aW! i just love the picture of mama sally and her sweet baby boy!! He is just darling, and you know i love your too cute pink flower!!! :)
luv u!